Collaborate with We The Goddess Holistic Sensuality Boutique for Yoni Wands & dildos

Dear beautiful soul,

We believe that everyone in this world has special talents, including YOU. For this reason, we'd love to support each other by sharing each other's gifts. If you'd love to collaborate with us, read through this page and contact us via the form below.

for the goddess of the week:
GODDESS OF THE WEEK is a special treat where we feature & celebrate amazing humans in the community on our blog and Instagram. With a title "We The Goddess," how could we ever depict the totality of "Goddess" with only 4 of Miranda's best friends who offered to model for the boutique as she was starting out?! Every single person is a goddess and we want to represent you and lift you higher! We promote a new goddess around 2-4 times a month ;) We desire to spread your authentic real-life stories, as well as your special gifts and offerings. We want to feature & celebrate you, love.  Fill out the form here! Please nominate your goddess friends by sending them the form.

for the queen upleveling her wealth consciousness:
QUANTUM WEALTH AFFILIATE PROGRAM is an invitation for you to tap into more abundance in your life while being a sexy advocate for women's empowerment, radical self-love, and holistic + spiritual sexuality. Women deserve to receive wealth in their life because women do absolutely brilliant things with money. Promote our products to your babes & receive up to 20% commission of the sale price with ease + freedom. Oh yes, prosperity is coming your way, baby!

It’s super easy-- contact us below with your name, a little bit about you, & instagram handle. Then we’ll send you the information for the WTG Quantum Wealth Affiliate Program!

If you're already a Quantum Wealth Babe, you can log in to the portal by clicking the following link: Quantum Wealth Affiliate Program Portal & Log In

for the goddess gifted in the written word:
We love to share blog articles from fellow coaches, healers, poets, writers, yogis, & all those gifted with the genius of communication via words! Blogs related to sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, self-love, self-development, sisterhood, fem/masc polarity, love, embodiment, wellness, & psychology are the vibe. We're also open to learning and supporting you in your book/s, if you've written one. Let’s have a chat to see if it’s a fit.

for the visual arts genius:
Email us if your genius is in creating content through beautiful photos & videos or forms of art such as painting. We have a vision of offering your femme luxury art pieces. We’d love to collaborate if you’re a social media influencer, photographer, videographer, painter, artist, or someone who has this type of passion! Let's dream up something beautiful...

for the powerful brand creatrix:
Mmm, we're passionate about collaborating with brands who have similar values & style. Jewelry, sensual brands, spirituality brands, holistic wellness brands, yoga brands, the list goes on! We’re open to any ideas you may have including giveaways, cross-promotion, reviews, etc.

for the wholesale babe:
For those desiring to store & sell our branded products (includes both wands/pouches) at retreats, wellness shops, workshops, e-commerce, yoga studios, etc. Our minimum order quantity is 10. Contact us with your information and we’ll send you more details.

for the one dedicated to changing the world:
The deep work of sexual & sensual awakening, women's empowerment, & radical self-love extends far beyond this boutique. In a world that still has sexual violence, women repressing their voices, intimacy issues, menstruation shame, & polluted oceans (amongst much more), we love to collaborate with visionaries making big changes in these areas through non-profit organizations/projects, etc. Send us your website & vision. Let's change the world together!

for those who desire to collaborate with the founder, Miranda Amora:
Miranda Amora is an Intimacy Mentor. She's a visionary, a course-creator, & a 2/4 manifestor in human design. She loves to collaborate. Podcasts, interviews, workshops, Instagram lives, guest teaching on digital courses, and facilitating 1:1 mentorship journeys. Interested? Send us a message below.

for the lovers ready to vibe & play in the fb community:
We've started a brand new Facebook community for all of us goddesses on the sensual empowerment path. It's a co-created space to share and connect on all things relationships, love, intimacy, sensuality, & spirituality ! You can join us by clicking here.

have more collaboration inspiration?
If there's something on your heart that’s not listed here, please let us know!

Loving these ideas? Send us a message in the form below
& we can discuss if it feels in alignment!