I’m Miranda Amora, Feminine Embodiment + Intimacy Mentor and Creatrix of We The Goddess. I'm a dreamer, artist, and visionary. I'm a lover of the sea & all things romance. Ultimately, I help spiritual women awaken pleasure, love, & magnetism via the inherent magic of their yoni! Are you ready to enter into this extraordinary world? Prepare to open your heart wide and be lifted, honored, romanced, & ravished like the whole, deserving babe that you are! 

There’s nothing more disempowering than feeling disconnected from your body & truth; I know because I spent decades feeling that way. I was confused about my sexuality and didn’t understand my body or intuition. I often asked why I wasn't experiencing the self-love and pleasure that I knew was possible. On weekends, I partied hard, numbed myself with substances & meaningless sex, and chased synthetic forms of ecstasy + freedom. Finally, my body had enough and I deepened into the chrysalis of darkness that ultimately brought recalibration to my life. Alongside a community of sisters, I awakened to the spiritual journey of self-love, sensuality, & sexuality that completely transformed my life which is now the path I continue to walk. Today I help women like you embrace your authentic feminine essence and fall in love with the magnetism, love, & pleasure that's already within you. 


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 Embracing feminine energy allowed me to experience depth & beauty in the rhythmic cycles of life. I've cultivated a deep connection with myself through slowness, safety, presence, & trust. The greatest secret to coming home to yourself is found in connecting with the power of your yoni. She's the absolute sacred portal to self-love, connection, and liberation. Yes, you are pure magic, my love! A woman that's connected to her authentic sensuality is a magnetic, powerful woman who follows her wildest desires. My deepest wish is for you to feel fully & wildly expressed in your gifts while honoring the inherent Truth and Wisdom within your being. Imagine experiencing the pleasure + surrender you crave, feeling comfortable in your body, dancing free as the Queen you are, & ultimately magnetizing your desires with ease and grace. 


 WE THE GODDESS was birthed to help you with this.

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 WE THE GODDESS is an eco-luxury, holistic sensual wellness boutique inspired by the vast sensuality of the ocean, the luscious land of mama earth, & the spirit of the mystical. It’s a work of art designed to honor the work of art that is you.  Each wand & product offered is a representation of the aspects of goddess within you. You're a unique, multifaceted woman and your totality (the dark, light, & everything in between) deserves reverence. We stand by illuminating the royalty within you from a holistic lens that honors mind, body, & spirit. WE THE GODDESS was created with beauty, liberation, & community at the core. 

WE THE GODDESS is more than a luxury sensual wellness boutique; it’s a movement, mission, & intention for the collective to rise into empowerment, pleasure, & self-love together.

Together, we embrace our innate gifts and totality.

You. Me. Us. WE.

All of you is welcome here, darling.

You're a unique GODDESS who belongs to the greater whole.

Miranda Amora Holistic Sexuality & Empowerment Coach - Feminine Embodiment

Instagram: @miranda.amora | @we.thegoddess
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~ love. pleasure. rise together. ~

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