SUSIE TAGARRO | Goddess of The Week

Hello babes, we feel sooo lucky to be sharing another Goddess with you this week♡ 

Susie Tagarro is our sacred Goddess of the Week, loves!

We feel her wildness and are excited for you to feel it too.🐆 She is the radiant light that shines through her embodiment coaching practice, Sacred With Susie. Her Divine Mission is our ascension.💫✨ She’s all about “embodied wisdom, personal growth & evolution, sacred feminine magic, transformational meditation, movement medicine and alchemic manifestation.”

Like a true Goddess, she got real with us. A couple weeks ago she shared her raw story in these beautiful words:

“My partner of 3 years and I ended our relationship 3 weeks ago. It's been the most painful experience of my life. I've never allowed myself to fully feel, to break down, to break apart like I have over the last 3 weeks.

Day by day it gets easier. The rawness and the tenderness in my heart slowly healing.

But today I entered another layer of pain. It felt like the wound had been broken open again.

After I let myself fall apart I came back to the truth... 

I asked for this.

I asked for a life beyond my wildest, wettest dreams

I asked to be in sacred partnership with my King

I asked to be a leader

I asked to be a powerful coach

I asked to be abundant with clients, love, joy, money and health

I asked to be the highest, most worthy, expressed & abundant version of myself

And when you ask for something...everything that isn't in alignment with that will fall away.

So this partnership fell away.

There was no other option. It had to be this way.

So everyday I alchemise my pain into my purpose.

Knowing that I'm going through this so that I can become the leader I was always meant to become.”

We are inspired by her capacity for raw vulnerability and strength in the midst of deep, true pain. Like a true ‘Wild Sunshine Goddess,’ she’s alchemizing this pain into purpose through the creation of her new offering, ALCHEMY🔥

When we asked her biggest inspiration, she answered: LIFE.

...And a few things that turn her on in this life and the bedroom? Communication, feeling seen, deep intimate talks, truth, purpose, wisdom, passion, excitement, growth, slow sensual kisses and soft delicate caresses🍓🥰

For a taste of this passion and some ‘Sacred Susie Juice’🍯 check out her offering, DELICIOUS. She also shares her favourite beginners yoga classes for free! It is truly a blessing to feel her wild heart and sacred spirit through her classes❤️


Mary Skakel 

Community Curator at We The Goddess

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