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Hello loves! We are excited to inspire you with Goddess Sara Sofía Duenas this week👑

We’re celebrating her voice and the purpose she holds within it. With English as her second language, she’s overcome barriers & challenges in communication. As many of us can relate, she’s felt “shy and scared about what others may think.” This fear has come up during her spiritual journey along with the shadow that accompanies her strong catholic upbringing. 

This shadow has not stopped Sara Sofía! She shares; “This year I committed to SURRENDERING and trusting my word to be enough. I began to believe that what I say DOES matter, what I say DOES have value. 2 weeks ago I was asked to come on a podcast which 1 year ago I listened to admiring the women that would go on there. That’s the power of surrendering and believing in yourself.”

We’re inspired by her commitment to surrender and the trust she is cultivating in her own word. Her biggest inspiration? Knowing that joy and pleasure is our birthright.

She has just launched her first coaching program as a holistic health and mental wellness coach💎 It’s all about connecting with your inner child, beginning your healing and coming home🦋



We’re so grateful that Sara Sofía is part of our community. Thank you for sharing your story, your light, your shadow, your voice, your wisdom, your highest self ♡

You can connect with her through instagram @sofiaxsara_ and DM if you’d like to work 1:1



Community Curator at We The Goddess

Photos by @izab3lle


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