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Joy Hall, Holistic Healing Facilitator, HomeFrequency

Hi loves! Wow, we have a realllllly special treat for you this week...

Joy Hall is our extraordinary Goddess of the Week, baby! 🎉🌹

She's a holistic healing facilitator and the creatrix of Home Frequency. "She always had the drive to help others and deeply loves being of service in any way possible."

"The meaning of our name, "Home Frequency" refers to the energy and electricity within us all. All living things on earth have their own energetic vibration signatures. Humans tend to fluctuate in vibration from high to low on a day to day basis without much conscious intention of doing so. When our energetic vibration is synchronized to our hearts frequency, and we have coherence between our heart and our brain, and cultivate feelings of gratitude, love and joy, we raise our vibration and are living in our home frequency."

"The inspiration for this business came from her personal healing journey as well as her observation and discovery of the collective spiritual imbalances. She found there to be a major lack of knowledge and tools readily available to herself and others for spiritual health. She believes that we must care for our spiritual body first and balance our inner Masculine and Feminine energy in order to achieve overall health, harmony and balance, both internally and externally."

She's sooo uniquely gifted in creating oils and potions, healing and holding space with and for others, being highly creative and empathic, educating early childhood, and care giving.

Ok but seriously, how yummy does this Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine Bath Ritual Set look? 

Bath Ritual Set for Sacred Masculine & Feminine Homefrequency

She also offers both "Yang" & "Yin" essential oil rollers to balance the masculine & feminine energies within. So special. ♡

Yang Essential Oil Roller

We asked Joy to tell us share something on her heart about her journey & she replied, "I struggled a lot with anxiety and relationships and discovered an abandonment wound from childhood that was magnetizing others with similar wounds to me. I'm on the healing journey as a recovering empath not knowing my true power until now, I take full responsibility of my own healing and reclaim my sovereignty."

When we asked her what turns her on in the bedroom & in life, she told us: Vulnerability.

...And her biggest inspiration? Spirit.

Fuck yes to all of this. We're celebrating who you are right now, Joy!!! In all of you, your gifts, your shadow, your light, your empathic depth, your sovereignty... Thank you for radiating & offering your gifts to the world, Queen✨

If you desire to try her products & services (or say hi!), you can play with Joy Hall at: and @homefrequency on Instagram.

Miranda Amora
Founder of We The Goddess

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