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Hello beautiful soul,

Miranda Amora here. I have a VERY special and important article for you today….

Together, we‚Äôll be celebrating the 5 women who helped create the magnificent visual art of We The Goddess. So pop the champagne (or Kombucha ūüėČ). I'd love for you to get to know them because each of them has unique medicine to offer you & the world.

When I put out the call to the universe for the photographer & models that would bring the vision of We The Goddess alive, I walked into the unknown. I knew in my heart that I needed to follow my intuition throughout the process and TRUST that we'd all align.

My intuition led me to click a random profile from the comment section of an Instagram photo (that profile ended up being the photographer!). It led me to make a ton of social media posts asking for women who felt strongly aligned. I asked friends of friends in the local area on many different occasions. I focused on the group energy, the universe rearranged, & magically it all came together 4 days before ;)

It brings me to tears that my vision has come to life at the most perfect timing ūüė≠ I'm eternally grateful for these powerful women because We The Goddess is more beautiful than anything I could've ever imagined. I love them deeply. I know that you'll love them too!

In alphabetical fashion,

erica luna munn photographer
erica luna munn photographer for we the goddess

Moon: Capricorn
Rising: Taurus
Human Design: 2/4 Splenic Projector

From the first moment with Erica, you can feel she's one of the most open-hearted, genuine, & caring beings. Being around her energy, space-holding, & love is a transformative experience especially in the vulnerability of your authenticity. She's an artist, a creative genius, a change-maker, and a true inspiration for women.¬† ‚ėĺ We love¬†you, angel!

Can you tell us about yourself?
I go by Erica or Luna - I‚Äôll respond to either & don‚Äôt prefer one more than the other. Luna M√ľnn ¬†(Luna m-oo-n) is kind of like my artist name I suppose. It was born out of a literal rebirth after having died in a car accident & given a second chance to live when I was 21. I chose the name because it connected me in my "new life" to the moon that guides me. Its a reminder to find connection & follow the rhythm of my soul.¬†

I took a winding path to get to where I am. Like the unalome, a winding path to ones enlightenment. I grew up in Detroit, MI & somehow snaked my way to the west coast (twice!) I am blessed to have learned many big life lessons along the way. Meeting incredible people who have changed my life & been major influencers on why I am who I am. I believe that people come in and out of our lives for very specific reasons. Some people stay for ever, they become pillars of this incarnation, while others are simply here to teach us something & are only temporary… the threads that weave our cosmic map. To me, everything is in alignment. There is no good, no bad…

I’ve always been drawn to helping others find peace with themselves. I went to college for peace & conflict studies because it felt natural to learn about how to bring tranquility & harmony to life & relationships. Along the way I learned that we get to heal our relationship with self & the rest will follow… So I get to do exactly that every day, heal myself & help others heal. I’ve held every job under the sun, but at the end of the day, photography has always been a part of my life & its where I landed & feel most connected. I don’t think I will ever not be a photographer. I get to connect intimately with people on such a different level, using my camera as a catalyst to unlock some of the most profound relationships with my clients.

I’m never sure what the future holds, but I’m here for it.

Whats your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a goat! I love goats. They are kind of alien, super smart & resilient. I love that they can eat anything & climb super steep mountain sides. Every time I see one I cry a little. They just bring me so much joy! I hope to own a couple goats one day on our farm.

Tell us about your beautiful offerings!
I offer an intimate photographic experience that is more like a journey to ones soul. I strive to remove the ego & vanity from a photo session & focus on connecting with self & self love. I work a lot with empowering women to take ownership of who they are, to remove conditioned beliefs around self image & to create & hold a comfortable space to truly relax and let go in front of my camera. I don’t just create this space for women, I try to hold the best space with all my clients to feel at home. When we can relax and connect with the present moment, magic happens.  My goal is to transcend imagery in a way that unfolds your raw, authentic self and/or relationship with your partner. I want to capture & celebrate the in between moments, the soft pauses & miracles.
And I LOVE human design. I could literally talk about human design all day long. I give readings if you’re interested ;)

Love it! Where can people find you for your work?!
Instagram: @lunamunn
Website: www.lunamunn.com
miranda may we the goddess
miranda may we the goddess

Sun: Cancer
Moon: Cancer
Rising: Aries
Human Design: Generator

Right when you meet Miranda May, you can feel the perfect merging of fire & water. She's deep, safe, real, & raw. She'll remind you of the romantic beauty in the mess. Her soft yet fierce heart & soul is felt through the poems she creates & the words she magically strings together. We're so excited for her upcoming book! We love you, boo!

Tell us about yourself!
I'm a passionate coach who desires to see my clients embrace their full potential. I work with the divine feminine energy and help my clients see how to move past their biggest blocks. I'm a gifted writer and poet who is deeply in tune with the earth and God. As an intuitive coach, I can see problems/solutions that help my clients quantum leap.

I love astrology, herbal plant medicine, and running around naked. I'm very spiritual, and my biggest desire is to show others how to connect to their soul purpose. I love to spend my time in ceremony, traveling, and anything where I can sit in the water most of the day... I'm a true mermaid!

What's your favorite animal?
Dogs or koala bears (koalas are my spirit animal).

What's you're favorite fruit?
Strawberries :)

What are your current offerings to the collective?
I'm currently available for 1:1 sessions for those who want to expand their potential from their deepest core. I also run group programs for those who desire a group setting.

Beautiful, and where can people find you!?
Instagram: @mirandataylormay
Rebecca we the goddess
Rebecca we the goddess

Sun: Cancer
Moon:  Cancer
Rising:  Cancer
Human Design: Manifesting Generator

When you encounter Becca, you encounter the sweet magic within you and all around you. She's the most earthy triple Cancer that you'll ever meet. Her heart is tapped into guiding you and the world back home through Mother Nature herself. Mmm yes... she gives deeper meaning to being a "force of nature." ;) We love you, queen!

Give us the scoop on you! :)
I've been on a journey coming back home to my soul for the last few years and it's taken me down a magical path that I'm excited to continue walking for the rest of my life! I believe that all human beings are divine beings that are here to raise the Earth's vibration and we do that by tapping into our unique gifts. For me that's been psychic work, energy healing, herbalism, and plant spirit communication. I love tapping into the unseen magic that surrounds us on a daily basis and finding ways to birth creative projects through it and help other people.

What's your fave animal?
My favorite animals are a hummingbird and cat! Hummingbirds is my divine sign from the Universe; anytime I need a little reminder or confirmation about where I'm going in my life, a hummingbird is always there to say hello <3 And cats are so deeply tied into magic and witchcraft, which is why I feel so deeply connected to them :)
What creations have you birthed into the world?
I have an Intuitive Herbalism Apothecary called Tierra y Alma. I make medicine for the body and for the soul through co-creation and communication with plant spirits. I believe that the plants are here to be our allies and they have so much ancient medicine and wisdom not just for the bodies, but for our souls.

Where can they find you, your work, & Tierra Y Alma?
Instagram: @rebeccaaespinoza
Rory Adele We The Goddess
Rory Adele we the goddess modelPLEASURE | POWER COACH

Sun: Virgo
Moon: Sagittarius
Rising: Cancer
Human Design: Manifesting Generator

When you first meet Rory, you delight in the unfolding moment. She brings silliness and love to the planet while embodying her unique flavor of pleasure and power. Her deep space-holding and understanding is felt through her presence, listening, words, & love. She's carving her own path & leading you to do the same-- a true gift to human-kind! We love you, beauty!

Tell us about you babe!
I'm a part ocean, part nature nymph who loves all things that are wild and free. I'm a lifelong sensuality & soul seeker. I'm a firm believer that through pleasure, women activate their deepest sense of sovereignty and self-love. I love all things holistic health & sexuality, and my passion is guiding women back into their bodies so they can lead a life full of radiance and aliveness.

What are your favorite pastimes?
Drinking tea from Tierra Y Alma and cuddling my beautiful cat Luna!

In which ways can people work with you?
I facilitate workshops, online courses, and 1:1 coaching journeys.

Where can people find you?
Instagram: @rory.adele

Stevey We The Goddess
Stevey We The Goddess

Sun: Cancer
Moon: Sagittarius
Rising: Virgo
Human Design: Manifestor

When you look into Stevey's eyes the first time, you ultimately see the wisdom & love piercing through at you. The wise knower. The true lover. She's beyond her time. Her place on earth extends far beyond the status quo. She's here to guide you into the places you've never been but where your heart knows you're ready go. We love you, darling!

Tell us about you, love!
I'm a spiritual healer, astrologist, and tarot reader from Los Angeles California.  I’m Black, Filipino, Native American, and Irish. Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

What are your favorite angel numbers?
My angel numbers are 444 and 111.

What are your offerings?
Birth Chart Readings are $35 for a 13-17 paged interpretation of your personal planets and $50 for personal planets along with interpretations of the 12 houses <3 Tarot Readings are $25 for a 6 card pull. 
*prices subject to change from time of writing this*

How can people find you for your amazing readings!?
Instagram (personal): @stevey_williams
Instagram (spiritual scriptures account): @sacred_language

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