breast friends forever: a path of self-love

Breast massage is one of the greatest portals to self-love. It's a deep place where you can connect with source, spirit, your body, and your heart. Every single person with breasts ought to be able to connect with their heart & breasts beyond just a medical relationship where the doctor checks them. Journeying with your breasts is a radical act of self-love.


  • the true ingredients for creating a deep relationship with yourself (and your breasts)
  • how to process and let go of past experiences through your breasts
  • how to get out of your head and into your body
  • how to feel like your heart-centered emotions are power rather than a burden
  • the truth about your inherent orgasmic nature & orgasm in general… yes you (and every single woman) can experience orgasmic states through the breasts
  • how to embody your free, sensual, & playful self
  • how to live a life from desire, believe in yourself, & own your powers

YOUR BREASTS are the point of entry into openness, slowness, and expansion. When you tend to your breasts your libido becomes JUICYYY and you feel the truth, that you are sexy & desirable :) Your orgasmic nature is bound to seep through you.

Breast massage is a way to source the love from within. It creates naturally happier breasts and a naturally open heart. I like to call this beautiful state it creates "BIG HEART ENERGY." A human with big heart energy is inherently in their magnetism, power,  emotions, & desire.

So how do you do breast massage?

Well.. that's like asking "how do you do yoga?" Just like yoga is more than stretching, breast massage is more than massage. I could never explain it all in a single blog post but I definitely can explain the basics!

The basic recipe of breast massage is:
O1. Set up your space for safety & beauty. You are a queen! This can be simple or elaborate depending on how you feel that day. Ideas: lock the door, set a towel under you, get a blanket, light candles, set a diffuser of your favorite essential oil, open/close window shades, clean your room, dim the lights, surround yourself with fresh flowers or soft fabrics.

O2. Set up the music & timer. Set an intention. Put on a luscious playlist & if needed, you can check out my playlists on Spotify. I have one named "breast massage" or "slow is the f l o w." Then if you need to, set your timer. Create the intention by asking yourself, "what do you desire from this time to connect deeper with yourself?"

O3. Set up massage oilI highly recommend using a natural oil (jojoba, coconut, olive, almond, etc.) with bare skin. Heartgasm is a beautiful oil to use! Please be aware of skin sensitivities & allergies. if you don't feel like using oil, you can do without and/or massage over your clothes!

O4. Connecting to your breath will bring down some of your cortical control & drop you deeper into your body, sensations, & primal brain. Sometimes our mind can wander, & that's okay! Use the breath as an anchor back to your body during this practice. Allow yourself to sound through your breath if needed. "Ahs," "ughs," "mms," are all welcome. Sound liberates energy & allow us to feel.

O5. Use your intuition to massage! Try different pressures, strokes, & touch (finger tips/nails/soft/kneading/etc). Work with the entire breast area (ribs, heart space, collar bone, liver, etc.) There are many types of techniques you can try.

O6. Integrate in savasana and stillness. Sometimes you move a lot of energy with this practice and it's quite necessary to allow a resting period for your body.

O1. Have fun and get creative!
O2. Always allow the truth of your body to exist. Meaning, it's likely that you will feel emotions or feel nothing at all. Embrace it, it's all beautiful!
O3. Before touching and massaging your breasts, what would it feel like to warm up the rest of your outer body first?
O4. There's no right or wrong way. 
O5. Breathe. Always stay connected to your breath.
O6. Try it as a morning ritual practice before you get out of bed or as an evening ritual before you fall asleep.

If you want to learn more than the basics, then join my self-study course called: Awaken Her: 7-weeks into awakening your feminine confidence & sensuality through the superpowers of your breasts so you can live life authentically from your heart & soul. 

I magically experienced my first breast orgasm throughout the creation of that course and the women who have been inside have said it's been deeply impactful on their journey. 

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I love you!!!!

What would it look like for you to be breast friends forever with your breasts? Leave us a comment below letting us know!

Miranda Amora
IG: @miranda.amora

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